37% of Australia Earmarked for Coal or Gas Mining


37.3% of Australia covered by coal and gas.New mapping reveals that 37.3% of Australia is covered by coal and gas licences and applications. That amounts to 285 million hectares - an area almost 13 times the size of Great Britain!

  • State governments have failed to properly protect water supplies, food-producing lands or communities across Australia.
  • The Federal Government has constitutional powers to make laws relating to coal and gas mining through its external affairs, corporations and trade powers.
  • We are calling for measures to protect nationally significant water resources, support the ‘dining boom’ and ensure the health of people and communities.
  • We are calling on candidates to publicly state their support for the #Water4Life index in the lead-up to the Federal election.


Interactive Online Map

At risk are many nationally significant water resources, including:

  1. The drinking water catchment for Sydney
  2. The recharge waters of the international tourist icon Mataranka Hot Springs (NT)
  3. The Yarragadee aquifer of south-west WA, groundwater resource for Perth
  4. The magnificent desert rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin in south-west Qld
  5. The Mereenie Sandstone aquifer which provides the water supply for Alice Springs
  6. The vast water source of the Great Artesian Basin across Qld, NSW and South Australia

The mapping was conducted by Energy and Resource Insights, who compiled the relevant coal and petroleum tenement data and release areas from state and territory governments in April 2016. The full research note outlining the methodology from Energy and Resource Insights is available here, and a formatted map for printing is available here.

Please share this page with friends and family, so they can see what’s at risk in their locality and state, and help spread the word about Water4Life in the lead up to the Federal election.

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