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We are very proud and excited to be launching the full versions of our two ground-breaking new films: Undermining Australia and Fractured Country.

The two documentaries capture in stark terms the personal heartache of Australians whose lives have been changed forever by coal and gas mining and the heroic actions everyday people are taking to defend the country they love.

Now more than ever we need your help.  Donate to Lock the Gate or purchase a copy of the DVD to support our talented film makers and to protect communities at risk.

We believe that these films should be watched by all Australians and are sure you will feel the same after viewing them.

With this in mind we would love to hear about your screening be it a large event or just a small gathering at home. 

Organise your own screening of the documentaries or, if you haven't already, make the pledge to help save the Leard Forest.  



The two documentaries run for 35 minutes each and were directed by two Northern Rivers film makers, who have volunteered most of their time. Please donate to help us protect communities at risk.

If you would like to watch them in smaller sized portions then why not watch them in webisode format that splits each film into several parts.



Why not check out our events page and see if there is a screening coming up in your local area. More are being added all the time so keep checking in to see if there is one you could attend.

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