Unconventional Gas Facts: Gas supply and Price


Australian East Coast gas prices have tripled in recent years since the three major gas export terminals ramped up in Gladstone with unrestricted gas exports.

This past week, the Turnbull Government, despite talking big about limiting gas exports, has just walked away from any firm action to stop the big gas companies from sending most of our gas offshore.

His inaction means more high gas prices for Australian users, and a fresh attack on farmers and communities who are just trying to protect their land and water from risky and polluting gasfields.

Read the full story about gas supply and price on the east coast of Australia in our referenced fact sheet

We can ensure we are looking after Australia's energy needs and our food growing areas and water supplies. To do this, we need to hold these gas exporters to account, fix the broken energy market and get on with growing cheaper renewable energy options.

That way, we can prevent the need to turn Australia’s land and water into polluting gasfields into the future.

If you haven't already done so, please sign our petition calling on Malcolm Turnbull to stop trying to force fracking gasfields on unwilling communities across Australia.                                                          



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