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Adani’s water woes continue with murky water plan

Adani’s bullish claims it is ready to start work have been proved false in media reports today showing the mining giant’s key water management plan is deeply flawed.

Lock the Gate Alliance spokesperson Carmel Flint said revelations CSIRO has serious concerns about Adani’s resubmitted Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan and the potential impacts on Great Artesian Basin springs were not surprising.

“Adani is trying to put the pressure on the Queensland Government and crash its approvals through, without doing the proper work required,” she said.

“It’s clear from media reports today that Adani has still not properly addressed the risks it poses to more than 180 wetlands that are recognised Great Artesian Basin springs.

“How can graziers and people of Central Queensland have any faith this company will look after land and water when it can’t even get its water management plan right?

“Given the continuing drought it is crucial that Adani are now required to conduct more extensive water research, including proper seismic surveys, to thoroughly assess the risks.

“Adani is far from shovel ready, as it would have the public believe. The company must still have its water management plan and Black Throated Finch Management Plan approved, and it is still facing two legal challenges.

“The Carmichael Mine is increasingly looking like a white elephant for Adani.”

Today’s revelations also come after the Federal Government’s Bioregional Assessment of the cumulative water impacts of future coal mining in the Galilee Basin, released on December 6, showed major impacts on groundwater, creeks and rivers.

“That assessment too showed potentially devastating impacts on the Great Artesian Basin discharge springs, should the proposed coal mines in the Galilee Basin be allowed to proceed,” Ms Flint said.

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