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Anti-CSG Protester Still in Gaol A Week After Arrest

Grafton man John Wyborn, who was arrested at the anti-coal seam gas protest last week at Glenugie, has spent more than a week in Kempsey gaol, according to Lock the Gate Alliance.

The news came as the President of Lock The Gate Alliance, Drew Hutton, joined the people of Kyogle at the anti-CSG blockade at Doubtful Ck where the CSG drill rig is expected to arrive today.

"John Wyborn has made a heroic effort to protect the Glenugie area from invasive gas mining. He has been arrested twice at the site and has now spent a week in gaol," said Drew Hutton, President of Lock the Gate Alliance.

"John can count himself part of a proud tradition of brave people who have been prepared to lose their liberty for what they believe in.

"He has shown great courage in his bid to ensure a safe future for the people of the Northern Rivers - refusing bail to draw attention to the grave injustice of coal seam gas mining imposed by force against the wishes of the local community.

"His plight is a damning indictment on Barry O'Farrell and his government for taking the unprecedented step of gaoling peaceful citizens who are defending their country.

"The peaceful action at Doubtful Creek today is the culmination of more than two months of continuous blockading by the good people of the Northern Rivers.

"State and federal governments should now pay heed to this extraordinary movement and immediately suspend coal seam gas drilling in the region," he said.

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