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Australian gas prices to double because of industry's plans for export

In a recent ABC interview AGL boss Michael Fraser lifted the lid on future pricing for coal seam gas in the domestic market.

In a case of shameless scaremongering Mr Fraser told ABC Inside Business host Alan Kohler that New South Wales might soon run out of gas.

Lock the Gate Alliance president Drew Hutton said what is really happening is that companies like AGL will use the global price for coal as leverage to double the domestic price.

"Gas is presently being retailed in NSW for $4 a petajoule while the global gas price is $6-$8 a petajoule," Mr Hutton said.

"When the Gladstone export facility opens, all of the gas available between South Australia and Queensland will be sold to the highest bidder. It is already being pre-committed right now.

"The highest bidder will be overseas buyers. We will either accept our gas price doubling or go without gas.

"The gas companies are now beginning to use this as a wedge to frighten us into agreeing to coal seam gas. 
"There is no gas shortage. The gas is simply being committed to the highest bidder. The Australian public is the patsy.

"Australians' gas bills will double in the next couple of years and this will have nothing to do with a price on carbon.

"It will simply be that most of our coal seam gas is being exported along with the profits and ordinary Australians will be forced to pay double."

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