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Bad move KEPCO - Bylong won’t back down

Farmers and their supporters have expressed their extreme disappointment following the decision by multinational KEPCO to seek a judicial review of the Independent Planning Commission’s ruling against the company’s planned Bylong coal mine.

“In September, the IPC ruled the agricultural values of the Bylong Valley were too precious to sacrifice to a mining company,” Lock the Gate Alliance spokesperson Georgina Woods said.

“The soils in the valley are among the top 3.5 per cent in the state. At a time when so much of NSW is suffering from severe drought and unprecedented bushfires, it is madness that this fertile agricultural country remains at risk from mining.

“The IPC also ruled the impact of burning coal from the mine would have an unacceptable impact on future generations due to its contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions.

“KEPCO will again face determined and unwavering opposition to this ill-thought out coal mining proposal that would destroy such a beautiful agricultural valley.”

Bylong Valley farmer and head of the Bylong Valley Protection Alliance Phillip Kennedy said, “The Bylong Valley is a very special place, not just for the farmers that produce wool, beef, and fodder there, but for people around the state that recognise its extraordinary beauty and rich cultural and natural heritage.

"There are alternatives to coal and gas but no alternative to water."

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