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Banner keeps Brisbanites aware of Adani battle

Brisbane locals supporting Central Queensland graziers have today unfurled a giant banner from a building and handed out leaflets in the CBD, reminding residents of the damage the Adani Carmichael mega mine would do to underground water systems.


The action, held outside the Department of Environment and Science (DES) building on George St in the CBD, comes as Adani is seeking approval for a Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan (GDEMP) from the state.

The GDEMP is the last water-related approval Adani needs before it can commence mining.

Stop Adani Brisbane spokesperson Moira Williams said the protest also came at a time when an avalanche of letters were being sent and phone calls being made in an attempt to halt the project.

“Nearly 3000 letters have been sent and 350 phone calls made to the Environment Department as part of this latest attempt to stop Adani,” she said.

“Australians are deeply concerned about the Carmichael Mine, which would take about 12.5 billion litres of water every year from the Belyando/Suttor River system.

“That’s an obscene amount, particularly when the region is in the grips of a crippling drought.

“Graziers have also just been hit with the news that another mega mine - China Stone - has received Coordinator General approval and if built would take just as much water as Adani intends to.”

“Ordinary Queenslanders are joining together to defend Central Queensland graziers and our environment and stop Adani.” 

One of the community members handing out flyers to DES staff was Chair of Angligreen, Fr Peter Moore. He said: “We live on the driest inhabited continent on the planet and water is one of our most valuable resources sustaining biodiversity, agriculture, industry, towns and cities. 

“We believe a complete study of the water systems is required before further allocations can be permitted. 

“I must ask, ‘Is reducing coal dust a valid use of water in drought-stricken Queensland?’ 

“We remember when we were not permitted to use water to hose down our driveways in Brisbane as water was too valuable to use for such purposes.” 

There is no timeframe for a decision by the Queensland Government on Adani’s GDEMP.


A video of the event can be watched here:

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