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Big miners should pay their way: Lock the Gate

Polluting gas and coal companies are once again failing to pay their fair share of tax, according to the latest corporate report of entity tax information.

Lock the Gate spokesperson Naomi Hogan said she was disappointed, but not surprised many of the nation’s worst polluters had failed to pay a cent in corporate tax.

“Gas companies like Arrow Energy, Santos and Origin paid no corporate tax despite dividing communities and harming land and water with their activities,” she said.

“Coal companies Adani and Whitehaven also paid nothing, while Glencore paid a minuscule amount of just $1000 on an income of more than $1.5 billion.

“This is a kick in the teeth to the people whose land and water has been destroyed by coal and gas mining giants across the nation.

“Not only do many of these companies not have a social licence to operate, but they seemingly cannot even do the bare minimum and pay tax like good corporate citizens.

“Lock the Gate calls on the Australian Taxation Office to get tougher on these tax avoiding, polluting companies.”

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  • David Rowell
    commented 2018-12-19 11:26:09 +1100
    Perhaps the journalist should practice fair and objective reporting by at least describing the ATO’s long standing system of Pre-investment Tax deductions? To remain internationally competitive the Government allows companies to deduct up front Risk Capital expense from their initial Income….pretty simple I thought. BTW All pay royalties to State and Federal Govt as well.