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BREAKING: Fracking fight win for Northern Arnhem Land

Paltar Oil and Gas withdraws their offshore fracking across the Arnhem coastlines.


As a powerful new documentary series STINGRAY SISTERS is rolling out this week highlighting the battle across Arnhem Land to protect coastal waters from fracking, Paltar Petroleum has announced they have withdrawn their controversial oil and gas fracking applications from the Northern Territory waters. 

Alice Eather is one of the leading women featured in the 'Stingray Sisters' film, and has been fighting against the Paltar application for four years, co-founding the local group 'Protect Arnhem Land'.

"I am absolutely overjoyed by this news. Paltar has finally dropped its plans to frack our precious sea country. 

"Protect Arnhem Land has made a huge impact on the oil and gas fracking industry and also across our community and our country.

"We did this together and with the support of the Australian community.

"We are going to keep fighting for a ban on fracking and for Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory to have sea rights for our coastal waters," she said.   

Stingray Sister Grace Eather said, "This news proves that we can win against all the odds. We are going to keep up the pressure and go for frack free Northern Territory."

"Paltar withdrew when the world started watching. We are changing history. Look what we can do together! 

"With our incredible saltwater protected, we are learning how powerful we can be. 

"Our homes in Maningrida are still sitting under oil and gas fracking applications. This fight will continue - we are not going to back down until all of Arnhem Land is put off limits to oil and gas fracking," she said. 

Film director and long time friend of the Eather sisters Katrina Channells said, "The news about Paltar withdrawing their applications shows that oil and gas companies are scared of our community movement to protect land and water from fracking.

"This announcement highlights to me the power of the Stingray Sisters documentary as a tool for change," she said. 

Stingray sisters images:

Contact for interview:

Alice Eather, Stingray Sister and Protect Arnhem Land: 0458 134 664

Grace Eather, Stingray Sister and Protect Arnhem Land: 0474 432 011

Katrina Channells, Director of Stingray Sisters: 0413 286 397

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