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Call for halt on any further CSG approvals following Tara buy outs

The Lock the Gate Alliance has called for a comprehensive investigation into the health impacts of coal seam gas after it was revealed that QGC had been forced to buy out residents in Tara whose health had suffered as a result of living in a gasfield.


President of Lock the Gate Drew Hutton said the purchases were a clear admission that people and gas fields did not, and should not mix.

“The people of Tara have been forced to suffer the consequences of life in a gas field for far too long and finally QCG has come to the party and bought out those who have complained the loudest,” Mr Hutton said.

“The buy outs are a tacit admission by this foreign owned CSG company that coal seam gas is harmful to human health."

The company has been quietly buying up the properties of residents impacted by CSG operations in Tara, south of Chinchilla over the past few years and sealing the deals with confidentiality agreements.

“We applaud QGC for taking this step and we are waiting to see if the company will do the right thing for the remaining residents who have been suffering a range of health effects from air pollution and black rain. 

“We know of families living within metres of gas wells who have not been offered a deal from the company.

 “The Queensland Government has repeatedly washed its hands of any responsibility for the health of people living in the Tara area despite years of complaints that have been suffering from headaches, chronic nose bleeds, nausea and vomiting and seizures.

“A report by local doctor Geralyn McCarron found that 82 per cent of the residents she surveyed reported negative health impacts from living in the gas field.

“Finally QGC has admitted responsibility and bought some people out so that at least they can move away from the pollution and try to rebuild their lives and health away from an industrialized gas field.

“CSG mining should not be happening anywhere near homes. The experience of Tara should stand a reminder of the impact of this invasive industry and its cost to human health.”

Further comment: Drew Hutton 0428 487 110


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