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Candidates can’t ignore communities’ concerns over coal and gas this election

Voters will judge political candidates vying for election at the upcoming Federal Poll based on their commitment to protecting communities from invasive coal and gas mining, according to Lock the Gate Alliance.

Perversely, the timing of today's election announcement means CSIRO and Geosciences Australia will not be able to be questioned over their recent report on the Adani mega mine at Senate Estimates today.

LTGA spokesperson Carmel Flint said this appeared to be further evidence of political interference in what should be an independent, science based process.

"We are calling on the Federal Labor party to announce a full independent review into the dubious process that has allowed the Carmichael Mine to reach this point, should it win the election," she said.

Ms Flint said results from the recent NSW Election showed people in the bush were fed up with political parties who sold their constituents out to big mining.

“People in traditionally National voting electorates of Barwon and Murray rejected the mainstream parties after years of neglect,” she said.

“Politicians of all stripes must listen to their communities on water, mining and sustainability if they are to stand a chance of election.

“And it’s not just NSW, in Central Queensland, polling has shown that over 60% of voters want to see action to protect scarce water resources from Adani's Carmichael coal mine.”

Ms Flint said this sentiment was not only held by voters in regional electorates.

“People right across the country have lived through a summer of disasters - of extreme heatwaves, bushfires and floods," she said.

“Australians are no longer prepared to accept massive new coal and gas mining projects that cause climate change and fuel this extreme weather - the cost to our communities is too great.

“It is everyday Australians who are now bearing the brunt of politicians capitulation to mining billionaires and the uncontrolled rush for quick profits that is destroying the country.

“This election, communities will no doubt send a message against the unconventional gas projects bearing down on them, from Narrabri in north-west NSW to the Gulf Country of the Northern Territory, from the Channel Country in Queensland to mid-west Western Australia.

“Controversial coal projects are also in the communities sights - from Adani and plans to open up a massive new thermal coal basin in the Galilee in Central Queensland, to plans for 14 new and expanding coal projects in NSW."  


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