Channel Country too precious to sacrifice to Metgasco

Published: October 10, 2019

A company whose unwelcome drilling in the Northern Rivers region of NSW that was ultimately defeated by staunch community opposition is now exploring in Queensland’s iconic and fragile Channel Country.

Metgasco’s attempts to impose a gasfield on the people of the Northern Rivers triggered widespread opposition and ultimately led to the company’s licence to operate being suspended in 2014 after the historic Bentley protest.

Lock the Gate Alliance Queensland spokesperson Ellie Smith said it was a shame Metgasco hadn’t learnt from its experiences in NSW.

“Lock the Gate Alliance is deeply concerned Metgasco, which so blatantly defied community opposition to unconventional gas exploration and extraction in Northern NSW, is now planning to drill in Queensland’s iconic Channel Country,” she said.

“The company’s activities in the Northern Rivers region triggered a broad social movement encompassing farmers, Traditional Owners and townspeople from all walks of life coming together to oppose the company’s plans.

“Metgasco clearly had no qualms about operating without a social licence when it invaded the Northern Rivers, and was only prevented from drilling due to people power and eventual government intervention.

“There’s nothing to suggest Metgasco has learnt its lesson in the years since.

“The company’s recent failed attempt to establish a well during a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico in the United States is further indication that Metgasco is not an operator communities can risk gambling with.

“Lock the Gate Alliance stands with Traditional Owners, graziers, and other community members who are calling for the rivers and floodplains of the Channel Country to be protected from unconventional gas and oil exploration and production.”

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