Climate pledge is crap while Gunner Government allows gas companies to frack

Published: September 19, 2019

Protect Country Alliance is calling on the Gunner Government to get serious about the climate crisis and put an end to fracking in the Northern Territory after the government released its laughable draft Climate Change Response.

PCA spokesperson Jesse Hancock said it was impossible to take the Gunner Government seriously about climate change when it continued to support the dangerous and polluting fracking industry.

"It is incredibly hypocritical for the Gunner Labor Government to try and promote its climate change credentials while it bends over backwards for the polluting fracking industry,” he said.

"In addition to its damaging impact on land, water, and communities, the fracking industry has a big problem with leaking, venting and flaring methane emissions.

"Methane is up to 30 times more potent as a heat trapping gas than carbon dioxide, and numerous reports have pointed to the spreading fracking industry as a big driver of dangerous global warming.

"To talk of solar power and renewable energy industries in this way is just green-washing by the Gunner Government while they plan to ramp up fracking, the biggest new polluting industry we face."

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