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Coal seam gas tenements in Brisbane suburbs

 large coal seam gas exploration permit has been granted over a large part of Brisbane's western suburbs.

The permit, known as EPP641 is owned by BNG Pty Ltd which is a subsidiary of the large CSG company, Arrow which is, in turn, owned 50-50 by the multi-national corporations, PetroChina and Shell.

Suburbs of Brisbane covered by the EPP include Moggill, Pullenvale, Karana Downs and Brookfield and the tenement comes within a kilometre or so of the Kenmore shopping centre.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, said it should come as no surprise that resource companies would look for coal or gas in metropolitan areas.

"Dart Energy is seeking to drill in the inner suburbs of Sydney, there are coal seam gas EPPs over Toowoomba, the Acland coal mine expansion has taken out the town of Acland and there are coal exploration permits over parts of Maryborough," Mr Hutton said.

"These companies don't like to acknowledge limits and the state government is reluctant to impose them on resource companies.

"For example, Arrow's recently-completed environmental impact statement allows for coal seam gas wells to be placed within 200 metres of someone's house.

"Anyone living in Brisbane who thinks they are necessarily removed from the risks of high-impact resource extraction near them should think again," Mr Hutton said.

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