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Coalition betrays landowners again on Federal water Bill

The federal Coalition is today playing destructive games in the parliament, opposing Tony Windsor's amendment which effectively stops decisions about the impacts on water of coal and coal seam gas projects being handed back to the states.

This amendment is important because the states have shown they are prepared to overlook all sorts of weaknesses in environmental impact statements by mining companies.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, said his organisation was very disappointed the Coalition was not supporting the Windsor amendment and his members would be letting their local Coalition MPs know of their displeasure.

"Once again, we have the Coalition saying one thing to rural people and then doing other things to undermine them," Mr Hutton said.

"Having the Federal Government able to intervene on mining project approvals and not simply hand these powers back to the states is very important to landowners faced with the prospect of massive impacts on their underground and surface water resources from nearby mining projects.

"We will be remembering the voting records of all parties on this very important piece of legislation in the lead-up to the next election."

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