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Concerned Landholders blockade Coal Seam Gas site in the Scenic Rim

Lock the Gate Alliance is demanding Arrow Energy make public any study it has commissioned into the hydrogeology of the Albert River catchment near Beaudesert in Queensland, where local landholders are conducting a blockade.

"Arrow Energy's underground water impact report (UWI) is focussed on an area in the neighbouring Logan catchment," said Jacinta Green, Vice President of Lock The Gate Alliance.

"Locals say the Albert Valley has quite different geology. The current UWI report contains many assumptions and statements that are of concern to the local community."

"The report 'anticipates' connectivity between alluvial ground water and surface water in the area west of Kerry and opposes ‘that no specific water monitoring strategy or spring impact management strategy for ATP644 is required."

Green said, "The lack of commitment to monitoring is unacceptable, landholders need certainty to protect their livelihoods not decisions made on assumptions and best guesses."

"Arrow Energy stands to make billions, yet they are not prepared to stump up to actively manage their own project and impact. This incident shows up the flaws in the Queensland government regulatory arrangements and Arrow Energy are showing their complete lack of respect to the local community.

"Given what we have just learnt about the Pilliga, we completely support their calls for an independent water study prior to any work happening.

"For any coal seam gas companies saying, 'don't worry it's just exploration' should know that statement no longer carries any weight, we now know that damage can and does occur under exploration licences."

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