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Congratulations to Ipswich City Council for going coal and gasfields free: Lock the Gate

Lock the Gate Alliance congratulates the Ipswich City Council for making the commitment to a mining-free future because of environmental and community concerns.

The council yesterday decided there was no long-term future for coal mining or coal seam gas extraction in Ipswich because “they are largely incompatible with environmental outcomes, urban growth and the future liveability for its residents”.

Cr Paul Tully said the council did not support the granting of new tenures or approvals that would allow new coal mines to open or existing coal mines to expand and it would try to extinguish existing coal mining tenures.

He said the impacts of coal seam gas (CSG) extraction were “largely untested” and many community members had expressed concerns that mining companies could enter landholders’ property.

Lock the Gate’s spokesperson, Julie Devine congratulated the council for its “foresight” but warned the community not to be complacent.

“It’s great to see Ipswich City Council has a vision for a mining-free future and that it’s looking after the community’s health and well-being, as well as the environment,” she said. 

“The community must remain vigilant to ensure the State Government supports the council’s decision and is not railroaded by the very wealthy mining companies that won’t give up without a fight.

“The Federal Government is trying to remove people’s rights to object to mining projects in its proposed changes to the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act so the battle is not over.”

Shirley Doyle of Lower Mt Walker welcomed the council’s decision saying it was now time to move on from mining.

“Communities in and around Bremer Valley and Rosewood have fought for years to have proposed massive mines stopped and the licences and leases extinguished,” she said.

“Now is the time to extinguish the licences, diversify our economy and jobs, embrace tourism, keep our water and air clean and protect our food bowls.”

There will be a public meeting tonight (Wednesday) at the Uniting Church Hall, corner Ellenborough and Limestone Sts, Ipswich at 6pm to celebrate the council’s decision and discuss ways to encourage the State Government to support extinguishments.


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  • Pam Thorley
    commented 2015-08-28 11:36:39 +1000
    This is a fantastic decision. Congratulations Ipswich Council.