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CSG Industry Admits Pollution Problem

The announcement of a gas forum to unveil technologies to combat coal seam gas pollutants at this year's Queensland Gas Conference & Exhibition, comes as some surprise to Lock The Gate Alliance. 

Lock the Gate Alliance Vice President Jacinta Green said, "All this time, gas companies have being trying to convince impacted communities that coal seam gas is a clean technology." 

"Either the people developing these technologies have been wasting their time, or the gas companies have been misleading the communities they have been impacting," she continued.

In an industry press release Mr Wardell states, "Mining and resource companies understand the need to minimise the impact they have on the communities and environment that surrounds them." 

Ms Green said, "This is news to us, mining and resource companies have been constantly telling us that they have only positive impacts on communities and little impact on the environment."

"In St Peters Dart Energy refused to even consider residents' requests for air pollution monitors.

"We currently have a situation on the Tara estate in Queensland where the residents are very worried for their health. We would really appreciate it if the industry could come out and explain exactly what pollutants, and their side effects, these new technologies are designed to mitigate." 

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