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CSG Pipelines in NSW

Hunter Gas Pipeline

The Hunter Gas Pipeline is proposed to run from the Wallumbilla gas hub in the Surat Basin, Qld, to Newcastle in NSW, via the planned Narrabri Gas Project. Under current plans, stage one of the pipeline would run from Narrabri to Newcastle, with the connection northwards from Narrabri to Wallumbilla constructed in stage two. The pipeline would cut through some of Australia’s most productive farmland and facilitate the expansion of coal seam gas in the region, with devastating impacts to groundwater, biodiversity, agriculture and the climate.

The Hunter Gas Pipeline has received development approval from the NSW, Queensland and Commonwealth governments, but - thanks to strong and sustained community opposition - progress has been delayed and the proponent has still not applied for an authority to survey (permission to enter private land). Nonetheless, the pipeline remains on the table and received supportive coverage in the Commonwealth Government’s 2021 National Gas Infrastructure Plan

Western Slopes Pipeline

The Western Slopes pipeline is a 450km new pipeline proposed by APA to transport gas from Santos’ proposed Narrabri Gas Project to the existing Moomba - Sydney pipeline. A factsheet for the pipeline was released in 2017.

The pipeline was mentioned in the 2021 National Gas Infrastructure Plan as an option for unlocking the Gunnedah Basin. However, APA did not submit the environmental impact statement for the plan by the due date in May 2021, raising questions about whether it intends to keep progressing its plans.