Stand up to Santos in Sydney

Join the community vigil at SANTOS' head offices in Sydney to coincide with the company's AGM on May 4.

Speakers will include:

MC Nick Clyde - Lock The Gate Alliance

Clare Twomey - The Knitting Nannas Against Gas
Jeremy Buckingham - NSW Greens MLC 
Barbara Flick Oongi - Gomeroi Nation Elder
Venessa Hickey - No CSG Walgett (Gomeroi activist)
Bill Ryan - Sutherland Shire Environment Centre
Daisy Barham - Nature Conservation Council NSW 
Phil Bradley - Parramatta Climate Action Network

Music by Ecopella

On Wednesday May 4, at the 2016 Santos AGM, Traditional Owners, farmers, environmentalists and even a finance analyst will be travelling to Adelaide to raise concerns inside the meeting. The new CEO of gas giant Santos is fronting his first AGM and we need to be ready to make sure the message is clear – communities across NSW are opposed to coal seam gas drilling near our farmlands.

To coincide there will be colourful protest vigils at the Sydney and Brisbane offices, as well as out in the bush, near where Santos are proposing their invasive gasfield.  

Please Join us in Sydney on Wednesday 4 May at Santos’ head office to show that communities in NSW will continue to oppose any company involved in endangering our farmland or precious water resources.

We will hear from key community members leading the fight against CSG in NSW, including the founder of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas Clare Twomey, Gomeroi activist Vanessa Hickey and 94-year-old environmentalist Bill Ryan among others at 10:00 am on Wednesday May 4th at Santos' Sydney offices on the corner of Reiby Place and Loftus Street at Circular Quay in Sydney's CBD. 

Ahead of the upcoming AGM we've also asked people to email the Santos CEO a personal message here and to sign a petition here, but nothing is more powerful than turning up! 

Check out the Facebook event here:

May 04, 2016 at 10am - 12pm
SANTOS headquarters Sydney
Cnr Reiby Place And Loftus St One Block From Circular Quay
Sydney, NSW 2000
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