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Dominic Perrottet's Christmas stocking filled with three super emitting coal projects

Three coal projects that would produce more emissions than twice that of New Zealand's annual greenhouse footprint  - including two located within the Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone - are being considered by the NSW Government.

In the latest sign the NSW Perrottet Government has no real intention of limiting substantial GHG emissions from coal mining, the department is assessing projects that, when combined, would be responsible for 177 Million tonnes CO2-e.

The public submission period for these projects ends today, tomorrow, and Friday, with the Planning Department to then make recommendations in the new year.  

Lock the Gate Alliance NSW coordinator Nic Clyde said, “Sadly, we fully expect these coal expansions to be approved - either by the IPC or the Planning Department - because it is Perrottet Government policy* that they be approved.

“These three coal mine expansions expose the hypocrisy of the Perrottet Government, and its disdain for the communities who bear the brunt of the climate crisis.

“Rather than sending three new coal expansion projects through a broken planning assessment process, the Perrottet Government should be doubling down on its emission reduction commitments and encouraging more investment in renewable energy.”

Environmental Impact Statement public submission deadlines (see table in background for more info and references):

Wednesday: Moolarben. Total lifetime GHGs: 86.59 million tonnes

Thursday: Ulan. Total lifetime GHGs: 64.97 million tonnes

Friday: Chain Valley. Total Lifetime GHGs: 25.35 million tonnes

Two of the mine expansions - Moolarben and Ulan - are also located within the NSW Government’s so-called renewable energy zone for the Central West.

Affected landholder Bev Smiles said, “It may come as a shock to the fossil fuel dinosaurs in the Perrottet Government, but there is nothing renewable about new coal projects.

“These coal expansions will not only drive dangerous climate change, but will also deplete the groundwater in our area, destroy koala habitat, and reduce future opportunities.

“The world is grappling with ever more severe weather events such as fires, droughts, and floods due to climate change. 

“Even though we in NSW are still reeling from climate crisis turbocharged catastrophes ourselves, the Perrottet Government is determined to continue approving more climate wrecking coal projects.”





Total Scope 1 GHG Mt CO2~e

Total Scope 2 GHG Mt CO2~e

Total Scope 3 GHG Mt CO2~e

Total GHGs (lifetime) Mt CO2~e

Seeking approval for

Additional ROM coal (Mt)

Reference for GHG information

Chain Valley Colliery Consolidation





2 yrs (2027-2029)


Appendix 14 - Greenhouse Gas and Energy Assessment

Ulan Coal Mod 6 - u/ground extension





2 yrs (2033-2035)


Appendix 15 - Greenhouse Gas Assessment

Moolarben OC3 Extension Project





10 yrs (2025-2034)


EIS GHG Assessment









*The Strategic Statement on Coal Exploration and Mining in NSW promises that the government will “recognise existing industry investment by continuing to consider responsible applications to extend the life of current coal mines”.

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