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Don’t Put China First before Australian Farmers

Bimblebox_Action.jpegThe Lock the Gate Alliance has slammed a decision by the Queensland Government today to approve the China First coal mine in the Galilee Basin.

“This decision shows that the Queensland Government cares about nothing but mining the heart out of this country. China First will destroy the iconic 8000 ha Bimblebox Nature Refuge. No mere “offsets” can replace the care and dedication that Nature Refuge landholders put into these biodiversity havens” Said Ellie Smith, Spokesperson for the Lock the Gate Alliance

"We're extremely disappointed that the State Government has approved another railline out of the Galilee Basin. This decision will be salt in the wounds of landholders who have lived with the uncertainty of where the rail line will be located and have done all they can to inform the government and companies of the risks of traversing floodplains in the region


“The Federal Government must step in now and reject this mine.

“The China First mine will dewater aquifers in the region that neighbouring cattle properties, and communities, depend on.

“Queensland farmers are already suffering from drought. These communities rely on groundwater to survive. This mine will use 17,000 million litres of groundwater, posing a significant risk to the Great Artesian Basin”.


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