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Drew Hutton Arrested At CSG Blockade

Lock the Gate Alliance President Drew Hutton has been arrested at the Doubtful Creek community blockade against coal seam gas, near Kyogle in the Northern Rivers.

In a show of peaceful solidarity with the people of the Northern Rivers, Hutton sat in the middle of the road in front of the Doubtful Creek site where Metgasco intend to drill.

The community of the Northern Rivers has been protesting against exploratory drilling by Metgasco for two months during which time close to 40 people have been arrested at two different drilling sites.

Drew Hutton is the fourth arrest of the day - earlier this morning one of the 'Knitting Nannas' was arrested whilst knitting in a tripod perched high above the road whilst another woman was extracted from a tunnel beneath the road.

More than 300 concerned citizens are at the site today with about 100 police also in attendance.

One man arrested last month remains in Kempsey Gaol for his opposition to coal seam gas in the region. 

"When governments refuse to accept responsibility on important issues like coal seam gas, it is up to the community to put an end to this sort of madness," Hutton said earlier today.

"I'm here in solidarity with the people of the Northern Rivers and I'm happy to be arrested alongside these brave people. There are times when the most honourable place to be is in gaol," he said.


Photos of Drew Hutton's arrest:

Photos from throughout the action today:

Photo of Drew Hutton addressing the community at Doubtful Creek earlier this afternoon:

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