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Fair go, our water matters more than an impatient billionaire

Lock the Gate Alliance has dismissed a multi-pronged advertising campaign launched by Adani as a “bully billionaire’s whinge”, and has commended the Queensland Government for standing strong against the company’s propaganda machine.

LTGA spokesperson Carmel Flint said it was clear Adani was spending big in an attempt to bully the Queensland Government into approving its water-guzzling monstrosity of a mine, rather than focussing on its two outstanding management plans.

“Adani must abide by the law like every other company does,” Ms Flint said.

“So far, the company has not been able to successfully submit a satisfactory Groundwater Dependent Management Plan or a Black Throated Finch Management Plan - drafts of both have been ridiculed by experts.

“Adani is being investigated for drilling into groundwater at its mine site and prosecuted for the 2017 release of contaminated water into the Great Barrier Reef from their coal terminal - last week they had to admit they’ve released more polluted water from the port.

“Tired of being told to respect the law of the land, Adani is now trying to bully the Queensland Government into allowing its clearly flawed proposal.

“If approved, Adani would be allowed to drain about 12.5 billion litres from the Suttor River each year, and also to take unlimited groundwater associated with mining, potentially damaging unique Great Artesian Basin springs.

“Adani should not be allowed to cut corners when a precious resource like water is at risk.

“The only people who aren’t getting a fair go here are our farmers at risk from this mine, and Adani should give up their crocodile tears and abide by the rules like everyone else”

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