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Federal budget bust: Funds for fracking anger Territory communities

Northern Territory residents are outraged after the Federal Government threw $8.4 million at the fracking industry while allowing crucial frontline services to whither from a lack of investment.

Graeme Sawyer from the Protect Country Alliance NT said:

“We are experiencing one of the NT’s worst ever economic downturns and this fossil fuel addicted Federal Government has handed a wad of cash to a fly by night industry with no social licence.

“Million dollar handouts by the Federal Government to money-pit fracking projects in the Northern Territory is an abject waste of Australian taxpayer’s money.

“It’s ridiculous that we should be spending millions of taxpayer dollars propping up an industry that Territorians don’t want, that puts water at risk and will drive up carbon pollution.

“The Government sponsorship of carbon pollution must stop.

“Remote Northern Territory fracked gas will be some of the most expensive gas to extract in the world - only assisting in keeping gas prices high for Australian consumers.

“Why should taxpayers foot the bill for studies that only go towards paving the way for polluting and unviable fracking projects?”

Raymond Dixon, a Traditional Owner whose Native Title rights have been compromised by fracking exploration permits in the Beetaloo sub-Basin, said:

“As Aboriginal people, we’ve been calling on the Government and the fracking companies to listen and respect our strong views on protecting country from fracking.

“While our communities struggle to have access to basic services, it’s a kick in the guts to see that local and federal governments can suddenly find millions to handout to big companies to frack and poison out land.

“Fracking is no good for the future of Territory communities, or the rest of Australia. We want public investment in community-owned solar projects across the NT to take advantage of some of the best solar opportunities the world.

“We are ready to be a part of the renewable energy revolution and create genuine clean energy that doesn’t put our land, water and culture at risk. When will governments step up and stop funding unwanted fracking?”


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