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Federal Senate inquiry into Unconventional Gas comes to Narrabri

Federal Senators are in Narrabri today to hear concerns about the impacts of unconventional gas mining. The Parliamentary hearing will be held at the Crossing Theatre from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

“It beggars belief that we would sacrifice our water for the export gas markets. We do not need coal seam gas but we simply cannot survive without our groundwater.”

Sally Hunter will speak on behalf of Narrabri group People for the Plains. “The coal seam gas industry brings a short-term boom that benefits only a few and a devastating economic bust that hurts entire town economies. Industry-led research in QLD has shown that most people and industries are worse off when CSG comes to town.”

Naomi Hodgson of the Wilderness Society will speak about the environmental impacts. “Neither farmer’s livelihoods nor native species should be sold out for the short-term profits of a multi-national mining company. This industry is unnecessary, unwanted and unsafe.”

Megan Kuhn of the North West Alliance will speak about the community opposition. “Neighbor-to-neighbor surveys across 3.4 million hectares of this region have shown 96% wish to remain Gasfield Free. If this is a democracy, why can’t the people say whether or not they live in an industrial gasfield?”

Anne Kennedy finished: “After pouring my heart into this battle for many years I hope the findings of this inquiry are addressed. It usually seems as though the Government does the bidding of the resource companies whilst leaving communities hung out to dry. Let's pray this inquiry may help turn this around.”

Details about the inquiry are available here:

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