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Fix the swelling export gas dash, don’t put our farmland and water at risk

Lock the Gate is responding to the updated AEMO Gas Statement of Opportunities today, calling for urgent action from the Federal Government and more transparency from greedy gas companies.

“We can ensure we are looking after Australia's energy needs and our food growing areas and water supplies. To do this, we need to hold these gas exporters to account, fix the broken energy market and get on with growing cheaper renewable energy options,” said Naomi Hogan of the Lock the Gate Alliance.

“Australian farmland is being put at risk for gas that is mostly getting exported off overseas, leaving domestic gas prices to rise. We’re in this situation because the big gas companies shipping our gas offshore and then charging us through the roof locally.

"The Coalition Government must take real action to fix the gas price now by getting on and restricting gas exports and preventing gas export companies price gouging domestic gas customers.

“Australian East Coast gas prices have tripled in recent years since the three major gas export terminals came online in Gladstone with unrestricted gas exports.

“Coal seam gas in Queensland has depleted aquifers, spread across productive farmland and damaged communities all so that gas can go overseas.

“When the Turnbull Government pushes more onshore gasfields and fracking, they are ignoring that unconventional gas is expensive to extract and often expensive to transport long distances. Pushing more expensive fracked gas will only lock us into more high priced gas into the future.

“This is the third gas forecast update so far this year. The turmoil created by the greedy gas companies is wreaking havoc in eastern Australia and they must be brought under control.

“We are calling for genuine and urgent gas market reform, price transparency and a coherent energy policy for Australia that prevents us from being held to ransom by the big gas exporters.

“We need the Government to take urgent action to crack down on gas producers and pipeline operators and legislate for maximum transparency,” Naomi Hogan said.

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