Galilee Basin Mega Mines

Drought prone Queensland can’t afford to give 100 billion litres of water* to Mega Mines in the Galilee Basin!

We could be staring down the barrel of another water planning debacle like the Murray Darling Basin! 

Tell the Premier to review the Water Licences

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Dear Premier,

A new report reveals that Galilee Basin coal mines would take over 100 billion litres of water from creeks and rivers in the region.

Arid Western Central Queensland doesn’t have that amount of water to spare!

We call on you to order a cumulative assessment of water impacts from all planned mines in the Galilee Basin and review all water permits that have already been granted.


Will you sign?

More information:

A new independent report into Galilee Basin mine impacts on surface water is out. It found approximately 44,000 Olympic swimming pools worth of surface water could be needed each year for the 11 Galilee Basin mega-coal mines planned for the Belyando‐Suttor sub‐catchment.

In addition, the report found that “each individual impact assessment has been undertaken assuming that only that specific project would be operating.” This means the cumulative impact of the mines’ water take had NOT been fully considered.

Taking this much water out of the system will likely adversely affect other water users in the basin, such as local farmers.

The report also described the long term hydrological characteristics of the Belyando River and its tributaries as “unpredictable” and “highly variable”.

It finds: “As a general outcome, the natural hydrology of the catchment does not readily support reliable, ongoing supply for mining projects without significant effort and capital expenditure.”

Let’s not have these mines take all the water. Please add your name and have your say.

Read the full report here.

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