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Fighting Back Against the Gas Attack

$41,563.33 raised
GOAL: $45,000.00

Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull made the extraordinary claim that the gas industry had a social license to operate in Australia. 

However, it's a massive untruth. We've done polling all around Australia over the last 3 years and it shows 84% of people are concerned about the impacts of unconventional gas mining. 84%!

Mr Turnbull joined forces with the gas industry yesterday to demand state governments weaken constraints on unconventional gas mining and to push for more unconventional gasfields in Australia.

That's not something Australian communities will take lying down. There is too much at stake for communities at Narrabri at risk from Santos CSG plans, and communities facing shale gas fracking in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Please help us fight back. If we can reach our overall target of $30,000, we can:

  1. Speak out in the media and go directly to Canberra to confront the pro-gas agenda
  2. Engage experts to expose the failings of the Narrabri Gas project
  3. Deluge decision-makers with submissions opposing the Narrabri Gas project



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