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Gas companies to profit from Bill to fast-track Territory fracking production

New laws that would enable fracking companies to sell their gas at the exploration phase show how the NT Fyles Government is abandoning Fracking Inquiry recommendations, say community groups.

Media reports this morning also reveal fracking companies have an extreme level of access to the government, far above that of other stakeholders in the NT.

In direct contradiction to Fracking Inquiry recommendations, the Petroleum Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, due to be re-introduced to NT Parliament next week, would allow fracked gas from the NT to be sold from an exploration licence or an appraisal licence. 

Under the Bill’s terms, gas could be sold without the need for a production licence, or production agreements with pastoralists or Traditional Owners.

Arid Lands Environment Centre spokesperson Hannah Ekin said, “The Fyles Government is throwing the Fracking Inquiry recommendations out the window with this new legislation. It would allow fracking companies to sell their gas before even being granted production licences.

“At the same time we’re learning the fracking lobby has almost round the clock access to the government’s so-called environmental watchdog - a watchdog that is sounding more like a lapdog for APPEA.

“It’s a slap in the face for everyone who participated in the NT fracking inquiry in good faith, for the communities who will be directly impacted, and for anyone concerned about our planet’s rapidly deteriorating climate.”

Terry Morgan, from Protect Country Alliance said, “The Fyles Government is attempting to allow the sale of fracked gas by stealth. It’s dishonest and disrespectful to all Territorians.

“By trying to ram through gas fracking against the wishes of Territorians, the Fyles Government is putting us on a path to more climate disruption including more and more extreme heat days here in the NT.

“Along with this dangerous bill, the Fyles Government is also intending to ram through unsustainable water plans without proper community oversight that will put the Roper River in danger,” he said.


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