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Queensland CSG Pipelines

Galilee Gas Pipeline (GGP)

This pipeline would stretch 585km from the proposed Glenaras Gas Project near Longreach in Queensland to join the existing Queensland Gas pipeline near Injune.

The GGP is led by Jemena, co-owned by the Chinese Government and Singapore Power, under a Memorandum of Understanding with the proponent of the Glenaras Gas Project, Galilee Energy Ltd. This pipeline is part of Jemena’s huge ‘Northern Growth Strategy’, which would see the company own and operate a massive network of pipelines across northern Australia (see here for information about Jemena’s plans for the NT). Jemena has a licence to survey the proposed route for the Galilee Gas Pipeline, allowing it to enter 374 properties.

The proposed route would cross 18 major watercourses, including nine in the sensitive Lake Eyre Basin, traverse the Channel Country Strategic Environmental Area on the Barcoo River, and threaten endangered species including local koala populations. Read more here. (Image source: Energy News Bulletin )



Bowen Basin Pipeline

The Bowen Basin pipeline is a potential new pipeline to carry coal seam gas from the Bowen basin southwards to the south-east gas markets and export terminals along the southern Queensland coast. 

The Bowen Basin is one of the gas reserve locations chosen by the former Morrison Government to be fast-tracked via a “strategic basin plan” to encourage exploration and development. As part of this effort, the Queensland and Australian governments each committed $5m to a feasibility study for the potential pipeline. 

KPMG was commissioned to complete an initial ‘concept study’ as the first stage of this feasibility study. The final report for the concept study has been released.

The next stage of the feasibility study is a ‘structured market sounding’, to work out if anyone would actually want to build the pipeline. The tender for the market sounding contract was released in early 2022.