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Gas price report shows we need to cut exports, not ruin more farmland for gas - Lock the Gate

A McKell Institute report released today, which finds gas prices are expected to rise leaving households to pay more for electricity, shows we need to stop exporting so much gas to reduce bills and protect farmland, says Lock the Gate Alliance.

“Invasive unconventional gasfields are taking up valuable farming land and threatening our precious groundwater, while the gas companies are sending the gas overseas and overcharging Australians,” said Lock the Gate spokesperson Naomi Hogan.

“We’d have enough gas without having to let industrial gasfields gobble up more more land, if we stopped exporting so much of it.

“Even though we’re one of the largest gas producers in the world, Australians are being left to pay high gas bills because so much gas is being exported.

“The Turnbull Government is pushing for more our land to be fracked for gas to get shipped off overseas.

“They’re putting our fresh food and clean water at risk as well as letting gas companies rip off Australians.  

“The Turnbull Government needs to reserve more of the currently produced gas for Australians and invest in renewable energy and storage, instead of blaming farmers who are trying to protect their land and water for our food security.”

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  • Bruce McQueen
    commented 2018-02-05 22:09:41 +1100
    Liquid petroleum gas is a by-product of oil extraction in Bass Straight and could fully supply the east coast market until such time as we phase out most consumption of all fossil fuels. Australia does not need methane gas (LNG) and never did.
    Wake up, stand up and stop this madness, people.