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Where would you rather see our taxpayer money invested? 

The Government wants to frack, but what does Australia want? 

We’ve put together a letter you can sign below and add your ideas for the Federal Government on what they could do with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Please add your name and give us your ideas for where you’d rather see your tax dollars spent. 

To Federal Parliamentarians, Ministers, Departments, 

We are alarmed and disappointed to see the Federal Government now rolling out a suite of actions to prop up expensive and dangerous gas fracking across Australia without any proper public accountability.

As voters and concerned Australians, we ask that you hear our message - do not spend our money on gas fracking projects and big new gas pipelines.  

Farmlands, water resources and the climate can’t afford to keep propping up polluting gas. 

It’s time for Australia to grow stronger and tool up to embrace cleaner energy and storage. 

There are a multitude of ways the Government could take a smarter approach to the Covid recovery. The Australian community has many ideas on how we can boost agriculture, tourism, First Nations opportunities, community health and disaster relief. 

We know we can create jobs by genuinely supporting diverse Australian businesses, not throwing our money at the gas fracking industry. 

We see huge opportunities to help Australia to get off polluting and expensive gas into the future, to modernise our power and heating and to save on gas and energy bills. 

I ask that you oppose the measures being rolled out to fast-track gas fracking, including the ill-considered and secretive National Gas Infrastructure Plan, and take on board our ideas for how the money could be better spent. 

Yours sincerely,

Please add some comments.

What would you rather see money spent on?

Here are some ideas:

Helping Australian businesses get off gas
Funding community projects in your neighbourhood
Land stewardship programs
Supporting First Nations organisations and businesses working on country
Renewable energy projects and battery storage
Disaster relief

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Showing 30 reactions

  • Jill Taylor
    commented 2021-03-31 11:30:36 +1100
    To the people who support fracking : are you ignorant or perhaps entirely brain dead?

  • Chris Ralston
    commented 2021-03-31 11:11:39 +1100
    Fracking is the criminal action against the people of Australia frack off
  • Pete Fraser
    commented 2021-03-31 11:10:21 +1100
    I agree with the government’s plan to expand fracking, it is safe and we need it for energy stability
  • Andrew Fedorovitch
    commented 2021-03-31 11:04:57 +1100
  • Sandy Morse
    commented 2021-03-31 10:15:44 +1100

    utilise our natural resource, be smarter renewable sustainable energy for power
  • Marion Brooks
    commented 2021-03-31 09:55:41 +1100
    Just Ban FRACKING .
  • Dianne O'Neill
    commented 2021-03-31 09:49:30 +1100
  • Steve Harris
    commented 2021-03-31 09:43:35 +1100
    Should have propped up our manafacturing not destructive fracking
  • Wendy Mcwilliams
    commented 2021-03-31 09:33:51 +1100
  • Alissa Thivakon
    commented 2021-03-31 09:30:03 +1100
  • Leonie Chester
    commented 2021-03-31 09:29:52 +1100
    Stop killing our Country!
  • Marilyn OKeefe
    commented 2021-03-31 09:28:28 +1100
    Can you stop putting profits before people. The next generation needs to inherited a world that is sustainable.
  • Mary Norton
    commented 2021-03-31 09:20:47 +1100
    Have a look at USA…. fracking has destroyed the environment! After fracking and money is gone what then…. oh yes pollies will have their money and will be gone and this fracking will be everlasting!!
  • Tiyan Baker
    commented 2021-03-31 08:43:41 +1100
  • Caroline Mitchell
    commented 2021-03-31 08:31:56 +1100
    Please Mr Gunner have some sense of decency. The NT is a pristine environment and your government wants to hurt it. My tax payer funds shouldn’t pay sir something that I don’t believe in or want. That money would be far better spent on improving the infrastructure and the lives of nt residents not marking an overseas conglomerate richer!
  • Penelope Carruthers
    commented 2021-03-31 08:31:20 +1100
    There are many alternatives to fracked gas that are not dirty climate disasters. You all know the new technology! Now is the time to stop this unnecessary practice and show true and wise Australian leadership ..
  • V Garner
    commented 2021-03-31 08:23:18 +1100
  • Lana Howitt
    commented 2021-03-31 08:04:06 +1100
    The money would be better invested in First Nations organisations working on country and renewable energy projects. We want to avert the current climate and environmental crisis; fracking only exacerbates it.
  • Lynetye Desmond
    commented 2021-03-31 07:59:32 +1100
  • Julie Hepburn
    commented 2021-03-31 07:51:40 +1100
  • Dinah Beggs
    commented 2021-03-31 07:36:30 +1100
  • Francois Lockwood
    commented 2021-03-31 07:00:10 +1100
    I don’t want my taxpayer dollars invested by the federal government into fracking the NT. Of any of the states and territories of Australia, the NT has such a huge capacity for increase in tourism opportunities which will spread wealth to many strata of Territorians. It won’t only go to massive gas giants but potentially to Aboriginal communities who can have involvement in the tourism industry.

    While Australians cannot travel overseas, why wouldn’t the Federal Government invest out hard earned money into developing tourism? It’s a no brainer! Tourism done right is far more sustainable and long lasting than destroying the country, as we know will happen, by fracking. I still can’t believe that the lessons learnt in the US about the devastating effects of fracking are ignored by our government. You will kill the land if you allow this to happen by giving gas companies more money through this federal funding.

    The federal government has a duty to all Australians to protect our land for future generations so it’s time for them to do it!
  • Hannah Alquier
    commented 2021-03-31 05:41:46 +1100
    Thank goodness for people like “ lock the gate”.
  • Victor Hoisington
    commented 2021-03-31 05:21:47 +1100
  • Barbara Nielsen
    commented 2021-03-30 23:10:40 +1100
  • William Bush
    commented 2021-03-30 22:34:46 +1100
    Our and your children and grandchildren will certainly view the exploitation of gas to return the country to prosperity as a colossal misjudgement of enduring shame. Investing in gas will impoverish the nation. It will inevitably entail pollution of and waste of water and ruin of rich agricultural land leading to starvation, and the impoverishment and destruction of the environmental systems upon which human existence and the natural world depends.
  • Julie Young
    commented 2021-03-30 20:45:52 +1100
  • Judith Durnin
    commented 2021-03-30 19:02:56 +1100
    Better ways to spend tax payers money would be:

    Helping Australian businesses get off gas

    Funding community projects in your neighbourhood

    Land stewardship programs

    Supporting First Nations organisations and businesses working on country

    Renewable energy projects and battery storage

    Disaster relief

    Job Keeper commitment
  • Susie Russell
    commented 2021-03-30 18:03:33 +1100
  • Shirlene Maloney
    commented 2021-03-30 16:18:03 +1100