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Glenwood Community United Against Coal and Gas

Around 200 residents of the Glenwood community, near Gympie met on Saturday morning to discuss the mining threat in their region. An overwhelming majority voted to keep their roads and land coalmine and gasfield free.

Local resident and organiser, Jaime Warren said: “It was a fantastic turnout and a great expression of the concern of Australians with gasfields and coalmines taking over our country. Water is our most precious resource and the Glenwood community has decided they will protect it from these invasive extractive industries.”
Glenwood Progress Association President, John Davis said: “I was so impressed with the turnout at our small hall. It was standing room only with all seats filled. It’s a clear indication of the concern for our community, our lifestyles and our livelihoods.”
Local resident Shantam Burgess said: “I was stunned when I saw the carpark overflowing. It was such a diverse group of people from all walks of life coming together to protect the land that they love.” 
The people of Glenwood have come together like hundreds of other communities right across Australia to join with the Lock the Gate Alliance to defend all that they love and hold sacred. 

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