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Voices from Gloucester features the stories of people living in the beautiful Gloucester Valley of NSW. Gloucester is the location of a proposed coal seam gas development by gas company AGL which has been fiercely opposed by many locals.

Brett's Story

Brett Jacobs is appealing for help.The 50 year-old father of seven is battling against gas giant AGL who wants to frack his precious valley and he feels outnumbered. Brett is worried about the health of his children, his water and his land. Watch Brett's story here.

Karen's Story

Karen O’Brien has built a business from the ground up turning a herb growing hobby into a thriving tourism and farming venture, five minutes south of the town of Gloucester.

Busloads of tourists now flock to Karen’s small rural residential block overlooking the majestic Bucketts Mountains to sample the fragrant herb farm’s bounty and enjoy fresh scones and herbal teas.

But Karen’s years of hard work in developing a niche business in an idyllic environment is now under threat with coal seam gas frackers already encroaching on her neighbourhood and coal miners planning an open cut pit at the end of her street. Watch Karen's story here.

Ed's Story

Clean air and clean water were the main reasons Ed Robinson chose to move his family to Gloucester more than 17 years ago.

The rich soil and pure waters of the region are highly productive and valued by growers and consumers alike. But recently things have started to change in Gloucester. The gas miners are moving in on the region and locals like Ed are worried about their land, their water and their future. Watch Ed's story here.