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Gloucester residents challenge AGL board on coal seam gas

Residents of the NSW town of Gloucester have travelled to Melbourne to ask questions of the AGL’s Board at the company’s Annual General Meeting today about the company’s controversial coal seam gas project next to their community. Supportive Victorians are expected to rally in support of their message and a simultaneous protest is underway at AGL’s headquarters in Sydney. 

Groundswell Gloucester spokesperson Julie Lyford said, “AGL’s Gloucester gas project has been plagued with problems, and recently suffered a $193 million write down. We’re here to show the Board and the shareholders the human face of their invasive gasfields.

Lock the Gate Victorian Coordinator Chloe Aldenhoven said, “In Western Sydney, AGL’s fracked wells are as close as 45 metres from family homes near Camden. In Gloucester, they plan to build a 330-well gas field impacting residents, dairy and beef cattle farms, rivers and groundwater.

“Victorians have come here today to support people from Gloucester and help tell their story to AGL’s board and shareholders. It’s not too late for the company to pull out of the project, and save Gloucester from unnecessary, unwelcome and unsafe invasive gasfields.

Julie Lyford said, “AGL have committed to the goal of limiting global warming to two degrees. Meet that commitment means actively moving away from fossil fuels: not exploring and mining for more. We know that 50% of the world’s gas reserves are unburnable for a two degree carbon budget: we’re here to tell AGL to back their words with action and pull out of Gloucester Gas.”

Julie Lyford concluded, “Coal seam gas is nothing but a white elephant for AGL. It is damaging their reputation, its damaging our community, and ultimately, it will damage the company’s bottom line. They can show their shareholders their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility  today by announcing withdrawal from Gloucester, and can expect to have an ongoing fight on their hands until they do.”

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