Go Coal and Gas Mining Free

The Mining Free Communities initiative started in the Northern Rivers region of NSW with the birth of Gasfield Free Communities. It is now empowering communities across Australia.

It is a unique community democracy process that enables local people to survey their communities in a systematic way and, if a majority is obtained, to declare their communities 'Mining Free'. It is everyday people uniting together, road by road and valley by valley, to protect the places they love where governments refuse to do so. 

It is a powerful political action, that involves erecting 'Gasfield Free’ or ‘Coal Free’ road signs on local roads, celebrating the results with colour and style, handing declarations to decision makers, and preparing to move forward together to defend the country.


It is an important first step to informing your local community about what’s at stake, providing pathways for people to join the movement, and going on to start a local Action Group.  It is the main building block of a strong community campaign.

The strategy involves a simple approach that any group can undertake. The key is maximise involvement. To help you do this, we’ve developed a 'How To' Guide for Mining Free Communities. You can download the Guide here.


Before you start, we strongly encourage you to contact your Lock the Gate Regional Coordinator to support you in the process. They can provide you with the other resources you need to make this strategy a success.

Check out some photos of Mining Free Declarations from across Australia at our Flickr site or in the the Flickr set below:







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