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Gorman North Mapping

As many as 182 water bores used by farmers, a recharge zone of the Great Artesian Basin, and important natural areas that form part of the Pilliga Forest could be put at risk if Whitehaven is allowed to develop or expand coal mines in a new release area near Narrabri.

The findings are drawn from an analysis conducted by Lock the Gate Alliance using new state of the art mapping technology.

Read the full report here

The mapping analysis reveals if Whitehaven builds coal mines in the area, it would threaten:

  • Part of the recharge area of the Great Artesian Basin

  • Several creek systems that flow into the Namoi River and areas of alluvial aquifers on the Namoi River floodplain used for irrigation 

  • 182 waterbores used for general water supply, irrigation, or stock and domestic.

  • A formally listed Aboriginal Heritage site

  • 12 threatened species including three endangered species - the Black-striped Wallaby, Koala, and Five-clawed Worm-skink

  • 13,502.5 ha of native vegetation in the north eastern section of the Pilliga Forest including four four threatened ecological communities

Read the full report here

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