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Government investigates CSG accident in the Pilliga

Lock the Gate Alliance is pleased that the NSW Government is finally investigating damage to the Pilliga State Forest due to Coal Seam Gas mining.

"I was out in the Pilliga prior to Christmas and damage to the forest was quiet obvious, what I saw was lots of dead trees adjacent to CSG wells and two wells that appeared to be venting something gaseous directly to the atmosphere," said Jacinta Green, Vice President of Lock the Gate Alliance.

"The dead trees seen in the videos were only beginning to die, so I am struggling to see how it could be related to the now reported spill of June 25 2011.

"The industry and the government keep telling us that the operation is safe and well regulated. Obviously it is not.

"This is just another example of why the government needs to call a halt to all coal seam gas activity, whether it be exploration, production, new or existing licence. All levels of government need to take action now. Australia needs to put the brakes on and fully investigate any damage that has already occurred, and ensure appropriate research and testing is completed before any recommencement of coal seam gas activities.

"What has happened in the Pilliga begs the question – what is the point of having one set rules for exploration and another for production. All this damage in the Pilliga is happening under an exploration licence," she said.

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