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Qld Government Bill to outlaw 100% FIFO won’t apply to Adani mine: Lock the Gate inquiry submission backs CFMEU push for local jobs

Lock the Gate Alliance has hit out at the Queensland Government for letting the Adani company get away with proposing a wholly “fly-in fly-out” (FIFO) workforce for its controversial Carmichael coal mine in Central Queensland, despite having a Bill in parliament to prohibit the practice. 

Submissions to the Bill are due today and Lock the Gate’s submission proposes a statutory consultation role for affected communities and organisations such as CFMEU on work practices and social impact conditions for new mines.

The Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill 2016 which would outlaw 100% FIFO work practices is being reviewed by a parliamentary committee[1], but would only apply to new mines that have not already gone through their environmental assessment, meaning Adani is free to impose the work practice known as the “cancer of the bush.”[2] 

Lock the Gate Alliance President Drew Hutton said, “There are two big problems here. The Bill they’ve introduced bans 100% FIFO workforces only. So, a big mining company could employ one lonely local and basically continue with the corrosive economic and social practice of FIFO-dominated mining. That won’t achieve the change we need.

“The second big problem is that they’re not planning to apply this new law to any project that has already gone through the assessment process, like Adani’s huge new Carmichael coal mine.”

Adani spokesperson Jeyakumar Janakaraj has previously asserted that there is “no option” but to use 100% fly-in fly-out workforce for the company’s enormous Carmichael coal mine[3]

“If projects are approved in regional Queensland, they need to come with appropriate social and regional development. While I don’t agree with a lot of what Joh Bjelke-Petersen did, to his credit he did set up local communities to service mines”.

Mr Hutton continued, “The mines Minister promised two years ago there would never be another 100% FIFO mine in Queensland.[4] Now the Premier is asking for congratulations for securing a promise from the Adani group that the biggest mine in the state will be 100% FIFO.  It’s clear that the Adani Carmichael coal mine should not be exempt from this Bill. 

“We’ve made a series of recommendations to improve this Bill. We want to see provisions that require consultation with the CFMEU and local communities about what conditions should be imposed on new projects. If we’re going to make a law to stop the cancer of the bush, then let’s get it right from the start.”


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