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Great Grandmother the First Arrested at Tara Coal Seam Gas Blockade

A 70 year-old great-grandmother was the first person to be arrested at the Tara blockade. 

A large police contingent was present at the site, including the public order response team, mounted police and plain clothes detectives.

June was arrested when she refused an order from a plain clothed policeman to move while she was blockading a large bulldozer from entering the QGC site at Kenya.

June Norman is 70 years-old and has spent most of her senior years doing charity and community work. Her gentle presence belies her quiet determination to support the people of the Tara estate in their fight against coal seam gas mining and to protect the environment. 

In June's words, she has led a quiet and conservative life. However, when faced with the realities of the devastating impacts the coal seam gas mining industry is having on communities, farmland and the environment.

June said "I have an obligation to my children, grand-children and great-grandchildren to take a stand.  I cannot have them living with the consequences of what our generations have done and are doing to this country." 

June is part of a blockade that has been set up at the site of QGC's massive evaporation ponds, compressor stations and processing plant and close to the point where QGC will put a pipeline onto the Tara estate to connect up with their exploration wells. 

The company claims they have consulted with the community about this but affected landowners and other community representatives deny this has occurred.

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