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Gunner Government plan to weaken environmental laws condemned

A relaxation of environmental regulation in the NT would spell disaster for the local tourism industry and Territorians’ way of life, according to Protect Country Alliance.

The criticism follows reports NT Environment Minister Eva Lawler was considering bending to the whim of mining and gas companies, after she promised there would be changes to proposed environmental reforms at the Economic Recovery Summit.

Protect Country Alliance spokesman Graeme Sawyer said the government was taking an extremely short sighted view in its attempts to fix the NT’s economy.

“The future is in sustainable industry, not fly by night operations run by greedy gas and mining companies,” he said.

“The NT’s lifeblood is tourism, and this sector should be strengthened, not compromised. The environment underpins our economy and our lifestyle and we cannot afford to put it at risk.

“The Territory Government should be pursuing renewable energy options to create a clean, green economy that will increase the NT’s appeal to visitors.”

Mr Sawyer said the new environment laws were a key election commitment of Labor, and included key recommendations of the fracking inquiry.

“For this government to back down over the environment shows it is doing the bidding of the gas industry,” he said.

“Just like the one before it, the Gunner Government is less and less a government for the people, and increasingly one for industry’s greed.

“The NT Government is showing all the symptoms of a government captured by vested interests.”

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