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Hunter Valley Operations Continuation Project

Proponent: Yancoal and Glencore

Timeline: 25 year extension to 2050

Total coal: 400 million tonnes

Greenhouse gas emissions in NSW: 35.16 million tonnes

Total downstream emissions: 1,167 million tonnes

Total lifecycle emissions: 1,202 million tonnes

This project will clear 397 hectares of native vegetation and extend the operations of one of the biggest coal mines in the country by 20 years.

It will use up to 7,900 megalitres of water per year for operations and washing coal.

Combined with other extensive mining operations, it would cause 5 metre drawdown of the alluvial aquifer of Wollombi Brook and also induces water loss from the Hunter River.

The Hunter Valley has already experienced 164 air quality alerts in 2023, and the huge exposed pits of Hunter Valley Operations are a big contributor to air pollution in the district.

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