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Hutton condemns Palmer’s ‘mischievous’ defamation

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, responded with disgust to today's news that mining magnate, Clive Palmer, had made his defamatory comments about him to distract the media from negative stories about the LNP.

"Clive Palmer has simply made any defamation case against him more winnable because his comments were made knowing they were wrong and for mischievous, opportunistic reasons," Mr Hutton said.

"This is obnoxious behaviour from a public figure. I was not going to pursue this matter any further but his comments today have cause me to re-consider.

"However, the main thing it has done is to re-kindle my determination to ensure his proposed China First coal mine is never allowed to obliterate the beautiful Bimblebox nature reserve.

"The LNP needs to cut this man loose. He represents the unacceptable face of the party."

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