The Kimberley is too precious to frack!

WA’s iconic Kimberley region is at threat from oil and gas companies encroaching with massive expansion plans.

The Kimberley is a culturally rich region, home to a living Aboriginal culture many tens of thousands of years old. It also has some of the largest intact natural landscapes left in the world.

Yet the Kimberley is under serious threat of industrialisation by oil and gas companies who want to exploit the region. They want to frack despite the impacts this will have on the fragile and unique environment and its people. 

Fracking companies including Origin Energy, Buru Energy, Black Mountain and Theia Energy are currently working on plans to bulldoze, drill and frack across vast areas of the Kimberley, changing the landscape forever.

Local communities have been doing their best to hold back the frack attack for years. Now we need everyone onboard to help.

Tell Premier McGowan to stop fracking in the Kimberley before it’s too late

Premier McGowan - the Kimberley is too precious to open up to fracking gasfields. Fracking puts the Kimberley’s environmental diversity and cultures at risk. 

Don’t leave people in a sacrifice zone. If fracking is too risky for the people of the South West, Perth and Peel regions where it’s banned, it’s too risky for the Kimberley and the rest of WA too. 

We call on you to ban fracking in the Kimberley.

Will you sign?

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