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Labor punished for selling state assets: Newman must learn the lesson

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, congratulated Campbell Newman on his election victory last night and welcomed his statement that he would govern for all Queenslanders.

Mr Hutton said the LNP should learn from the mistakes of the Bligh government which had been rightly punished by the voters.

"Anna Bligh's complete failure to appreciate the traditional nature of Queensland politics and the widespread belief that state assets should not be flogged off because the government can't balance the books led to the almost complete obliteration of the Labor Party in the Queensland Parliament," Mr Hutton said.

While this desire to protect state assets was most clearly seen around the sale of railway, port and forestry assets, it was also deeply entrenched around the massive expansion of the coal and coal seam gas industries right across the state.

"Our food bowls, our underground water, our important natural areas, our fishing areas and the Great Barrier Reef are all part of the state's enduring sense of itself and the Bligh government clearly failed to appreciate this when it allowed foreign multinationals to simply sweep aside farmers and make money for predominantly foreign shareholders.

"A state which produced T.J. Lang and E.G. Theodore – great Labor premiers who insisted on protecting state assets – has a culture which does not take kindly to flogging these off," Mr Hutton said.

"Equally, a state like Queensland that values its farmers and the importance of its rural areas and natural resources did not take kindly to the Bligh government allowing coal seam gas companies to force their way onto farmers' land to trash it and possibly deplete their underground water.

"Mr Newman must appreciate this and not let the mining companies loose, as his predecessor did or he will suffer the same fate."

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