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LNP’s South Galilee mine approval wrong on every level

While the world moves on from fossil fuels, the State Government continues to stick its collective heads in the sand with the approval of the South Galilee mine in Central Queensland.

The Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney’s media release talks up another coal mine as a good thing for Queensland, despite its negative impacts on the economy, the environment, food lands, water resources, air quality and communities.

“The LNP government, just like coal mining has had its day and Queenslanders are ready to move on to something more progressive,” said Lock the Gate President, Drew Hutton.

The Australia Institute research, based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data, has found:

  • Coal mining is one of the smallest employers in the Queensland economy – employing only 1.2 per cent - despite what the government and the industry claim;
  • The Queensland Government regularly over-estimates coal royalties with them making up only about 4 per cent of revenue in the 2013-2014 financial year;
  • Coal mining takes jobs from manufacturing industries and it enjoys generous taxpayer support through subsidies;
  • In Queensland, 80 per cent of coal mining is foreign-owned so 80 per cent of profits do not stay in Australia.

“Mr Seeney considers quicker approvals of more coal mines a good thing, when all the available evidence suggests otherwise,” Mr Hutton said. “Queensland taxpayers will be paying for the damage done by this government’s blind enthusiasm for mines for decades to come.”

Link to The Australia Institute report:

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