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Lock the Gate blasts Adani over renewed propaganda ad campaign

Lock the Gate Alliance has labelled Adani’s latest round of regional advertising targeting the Queensland Government as “more misguided propaganda”.

The company’s groundwater plan is first and foremost with the Federal Government, and the federal approval must occur before construction can start.

Lock the Gate spokesperson Ellie Smith said Adani appeared fixated on the Queensland Government, despite it being clear for a very long time that the company had failed to deliver on the basic requirements that all mining companies must provide.

“Adani has so far submitted ten groundwater management plans, of which nine have been rejected and one is still being assessed,” she said.

“Adani has launched this new expensive advertising blitz in regional Queensland but it should be putting its efforts into doing the research required to prove its mine won’t damage 187 Great Artesian Basin springs in Central Queensland.

“The biggest delays on the Adani mine have been caused by Adani itself, who has simply refused to do the research that is needed to ensure they don’t cause ancient springs to dry up.

“Adani’s fixation on the Qld Government raises questions as to whether it has been given assurances from the Federal Government that it will be getting a green light for its groundwater plan.

“It’s a real worry, because Minister Canavan, who is not the decision maker, has repeatedly foreshadowed approval of the groundwater plan, and this undermines confidence in both the Federal Government and the approval system.

“Instead of doing the work required Adani is now trying to monster the state government into giving the final tick even though experts and the community are still deeply concerned about the impact the mine will have on Queensland’s water resources.

“And after Adani’s recent fine for water pollution and the ongoing investigation into their allegedly illegal drilling on the mine site, we simply can’t trust the company with our water."


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