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Lock The Gate Goes International

Lock The Gate President Drew Hutton was among speakers addressing a huge rally in Washington DC.

The Stop the Frack Attack rally is one of a suite of activities taking place around the world as part of an international day of protest about the destructive process of hydraulic fracturing.

“Lock The Gate is the Australian arm of an international social movement that is determined to prevent the destruction of the world’s underground water supplies,” said Lock the Gate Vice-President Jacinta Green.

“Communities around the world are mobilizing to protect their water supplies, their productive agricultural regions,  important environmental areas, cultural assets and their health and well-being.

“And they are winning. France and Bulgaria’s governments have listened to their communities and moved to ban the destructive process of fracking.

“There are alternatives to fossil fuels but there are no substitutes for water and good arable land is a finite resource.

“Lock the Gate is proud to be part of an international movement.

“We are not going away and we will not be silenced. We will continue to demand that Australia’s governments act to protect the resources on which life depends and until they do we will Lock the Gate”.

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